What is ClickFunnels? What you need to first!

New To ClickFunnels OR Asking What is ClickFunnels?

What is a “sales funnel” or what is this “ClickFunnels” I’ve heard about?

Welcome to leads, sales and automation made easy – this article answers your question “What is ClickFunnels”.

If you have a business and a website, but are sick of waiting days or weeks to get your IT guy to update your website – keep reading! (Or if you want to start a business, but don’t have a website)

It’s more than just a website builder and drag and drop page editor – it’s a way of life!

What is ClickFunnels?
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Not sure what hosting is, DNS records or how the internet really works?

ClickFunnels was created with you mind. This simple way to answer what is ClickFunnels is to talk about what it isn’t. It isn’t a get rich quick scheme, it isn’t trying to take your money away from you.

ClickFunnels wants to save you money, allow you to grow your business or company and make it easier for you to be in control all in one platform.

You might want to cancel out of your hosting service and then tell your web programmer to stop working on the new page that’s costing you $3,000 to make.

Oh and you can cancel your $500 a month auto-responder. That’s right! No more programming or making sure the servers are running with the new updated code.


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Check out our is ClickFunnels real article if you’re interested about the company history and authenticity.

Now you can just login and make the updates or add a new page and then link to that page.

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Yep, you can collect emails and leads on that page and also send them to a sales page or an order page.


After that order page you can present your upsell, and with one click you make more profit or send them to a downsell so you can still make some profit.

Yes, they will receive automated emails that you created and emails that contain details regarding the purchase.

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