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ClickFunnels SEO Meta Data & Social Settings

ClickFunnels SEO Meta Data, Page Title and Social Settings

How To Update “My Awesome Landing Page” Page Title Under SEO Meta Data Settings

How do I update the name of my page? What is a title or description and do I need a social image? Watch our video on ClickFunnels SEO Meta Data and Page Social Settings or read through this short guide to understand and learn more!


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ClickFunnels SEO Meta Data Settings

Here are the settings found inside of the editor for your pages in ClickFunnels. This is accessed by going to Settings and then the “SEO Meta Data” option. We will go over each area in detail below.

ClickFunnels SEO Meta Data

Title – This is the page title

This is the text that appears for the “tab” of the page in your browser.


The page tab title is edited inside of the “Title” field as seen on the panel above and will update the information your visitors will see about your page.


This allows them to know what page this is when they have multiple tabs open in their browser.


Description – What will visitors when I go to your page from Google or Facebook

A page description is a short paragraph of information regarding the purpose of your page.

See the example below to see where you would write your page’s description.¬† Also, see what that page description looks like in the SEO Preview as it would appear in Google.
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The description is displayed in Google  when found so potential visitors know what the context and content of the page will be.


If they are searching for the most up to date training for ClickFunnels, this would be a good example.

Any information that is entered and updated in the field will then be displayed either on Google or when the link to the page is shared on Facebook.


Keywords – What are the main keywords or keyword phrases that are on your page

See below the box to enter specific keywords or phrases that are the most important for your page.

If your page is about teaching ClickFunnels SEO Meta Data you would use words such as;

ClickFunnels, ClickFunnels Training, ClickFunnels Tutorials, Learn ClickFunnels, ClickFunnels SEO Meta Data etc.

However, you don’t want to put too many words or phrases, primarily the ones that appear the most in your page text. Make sure they relate to the main purpose and focus of the page.

Keywords for ClickFunnels SEOThese keywords are not displayed in any SEO Preview like the page title, page URL address or description, but can help Google know more about your page. (That’s a good thing!)

Author – Who is the person or company that created the content

This author field allows you to display the creator of the content that is on the page.

Display the author, company or brand that created the content of the page shared on Facebook to someone’s wall for example.

The author information does not appear for the SEO Preview in Google, however it does for the Facebook preview. See below.

Author tag

The author information is only displayed on the Facebook preview to provide extra information.

Social Image – Draw attention, create interest and curiosity

One of the best ways to display what your page has to offer is with an image. Is there someone learning at a computer, a man or woman in deep focus or perhaps using the product you are selling.

In this case we displayed the topic we cover on the page very clearly in our own preferred style. There’s no mistake what the page covers and who it is for. See below.

social image preview

All of these fields work together to encourage potential visitors to click on your links from Google or social media. Making sure that the title, description, social image all match are very important.

Together this display creates something similar to an advertisement that can draw viewers to your page and potentially optin, purchase or interact with your page.

Lastly, before you go to post your awesome landing page or sales page out on the internet, make sure you view our ClickFunnels optin page testing & troubleshooting guide. Don’t miss out on leads or sales!


Tools & Resources To Bookmark

Facebook Sharing Best Practices (see #4 for image size guidelines)

Facebook Sharing Debugger (as mentioned in the video)

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