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Is ClickFunnels Real

So, Is ClickFunnels Real?

If you’re on this page reading this and wondering “Is ClickFunnels Real”,

“Is ClickFunnels a scam”, “What is a ClickFunnels affiliate”,

or even “What are ClickFunnels”,  “What is ClickFunnels used for“,

perhaps “What does ClickFunnels do”, “Is ClickFunnels legit”,

“Is ClickFunnels MLM”, “Is ClickFunnels a pyramid scheme”

and lastly “Is ClickFunnels safe” etc – then you’re on the right page!

Is ClickFunnels Real?

Being skeptical on the internet is perfectly normal and understandable in this day and age.
That’s why we welcome you to get this confusion cleared up regarding all ClickFunnels related topics.

1. Is ClickFunnels Real

Yes, ClickFunnels is very real and officially launched in September 2014.

ClickFunnels is based out of Boise, Idaho. They host a yearly event called “Funnel Hacker Live”. In 2014 it was hosted in Las Vegas, in 2015 it was hosted in San Diego and 2016 Dallas.

In 2017 they will be hosting the event in Orlando.

ClickFunnels is not a scam – ClickFunnels is a service!

It is used by entrepreneurs, small, medium and even large business to not only create web pages, but actually monetize their website using sales funnels and systems to increase sales and conversions.

This means to be able to collect leads, do automated email marketing and help increase sales and conversions.

Is ClickFunnels Real
The 2 Comma Club award is only given to those who have sold over 1 million dollars through their account.

They have been labeled a “unicorn” in their industry because other tech and software companies aren’t sure exactly what they have done to become very successful without any venture capital.

This may be part of why they are exploding viral and are being heard of by a ton of new people!

You can see our ClickFunnels Website Builder post here.


2. Is ClickFunnels A Scam

No, ClickFunnels is not a scam.

ClickFunnels has a fully operational, and outstanding chat support and billing team, along with great developers and team managers.

They aren’t trying to trick you into anything. They are offering services, and even training to help as many people grow their business and reach their true potential by eliminated the technological barriers.

From what we’ve seen the mission of ClickFunnels is to allow businesses to systematically grow their online and offline business.

Their intentions are true and if you ask for the money back guarantee they offer for the purchase you made they will absolutely 100% honor this.

By providing an outstanding software, service and even more value ClickFunnels is not struggling to grow or create a happy customer experience – even if you are just testing it out!


3. What Is A ClickFunnels Affiliate

Have you ever heard of “passive income”, “affiliate marketing” or “commissions”?

This is going to help you understand why you may see ClickFunnels around more and more as time goes on. Sure, not everyone is looking to start a business, but the best time to start is today.

So, because ClickFunnels frees you from IT and developers – now has become the easiest time to create your online business.

If someone has a business they need to grow it (if you’re not growing you’re dying).

Nobody likes to wait days for website updates that aren’t done correctly.

On top of being charged full price for your IT guy’s time. So people are able to signup to receive a commission if they refer you to ClickFunnels.

A ClickFunnels affiliate only targets people who can possibly benefit from ClickFunnels.

This is to find the right people who need ClickFunnels in their life or business.

They aren’t trying to trick anyone which would result in a lose-lose situation.

Now with that being said – don’t trust everyone or everything you hear on the internet! You’re doing the research now before making a decision resulting in a ClickFunnels free trial.

ClickFunnels put together their 14 day risk free trial with the unsure and eager in mind.

If this post has helped then please feel free to use our referral link below to get started!
Click here to go to ClickFunnels website and create a free 14 day trial.

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1. Get In Front Of Eyes!
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