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Start A Subscription Product With A Sales Funnel – 3 Strategies To Know

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Dollar Shave Club, Dollar Beard Club, Harry’s, Loot Crate = Monthly Subscription Product

Looking to start your own subscription based business? You’re going to need an offer!

1. Create an offer that is hard to resist and focus on “over-delivering”

Consider who the target audience is and see what would be an offer that just makes it easy and exciting which results in placing the first order.  Growing a list is great and following up with enticing offers and savings is part of this, however converting contacts to customers is the goal.

subscription product funnel
It’s like Christmas every month!


To spend their first dollar and receive the first order of the subscription product with excitement resulting in referrals by word of mouth and social media (plus recurring orders.

This means you can create a lead capture page that displays the offer that is only one email submission away. Create a unique offer that stands out and is nearly a “no-brainer”.

2. Use Email Automation To Convert Sales

It’s all about the email – and coffee is for closers!

Provide a reason to open the emails being delivered – Attention.

What is in it for them? – Interest.

Make it as easy as possible, make it exciting – Decision

Accept payment, congratulate, thank and confirm the purchase – Action

physical product coffee
You made a sale or you didn’t!

The optin page is how to measure the effectiveness of targeting and if the offer is “hot”. Is the risk small enough to try this new product? Does it relate to their interested? Will it bring enough value in form of entertainment or status to their life? The answer needs to be YES!

Side note – Always be improving your optin page – always be split-testing to see what is working better.

3. Sweeten the deal! (Would you like fries with that?)

McDonalds, fast food joints and restaurants have it right!

Provide an offer that gets people in to the establishment then offer something to make the most of out the experience. Perhaps whip cream and the cherry on top.

For example see the Dollar Beard Club. For just $1 we will ship a small cool product, but did you happen to see the other, better, beard oils that we have to offer? Did you happen to get the manly hair styling or rugged shampoo bottle?

What about a tactical shower bag with MRE’s and ammo pouch? (Exaggerating, but you see the point!)

more physical products
Buy this. And this. And this.

Consider what will add value to the original purchase or be a perfect addition independently however, make sure that the offers relate to the target audience and customer.

We don’t want to “scratch” the itch twice or make the first purchase feel inadequate.

Happy selling!

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