Mailchimp and ClickFunnels

How To Integrate Mailchimp With ClickFunnels

Tutorial: How To Integrate Mailchimp With Your ClickFunnels Account

Follow this video step by step to integrate Mailchimp and ClickFunnels in just a few minutes and learn the easiest way to setup Mailchimp. Make sure you are logged into both accounts before getting started!


Step 1. In your ClickFunnels account go to Account and then select “Integrations” in the dropdown

ClickFunnels Integrations

Step 2. On the Integrations page click “Add New Integrations”

Integrate Mailchimp



Step 3. Select MailChimp and name it “Mailchimp” (or create a unique name in needed)

mailchimp integration


Step 4. Go to Mailchimp, then Lists and click “Create List” (unless you have a desired list already)

mailchimp list


Step 5. Click on your profile and select “Account”

Mailchimp account


Step 6.  Go to Extras and select “API Key”

api key integration


Step 7. Click “Create A Key”

create api key


Step 8. Label the new API Key “ClickFunnels”

label clickfunnels


Step 9. Select and copy the API Key (CTRL+C to copy on PC or CMD+C to copy on Mac)

copy api key


Step 10. Paste the Mailchimp API Key in the integration window in ClickFunnels ( CTRL+V to paste on PC or CMD+V to paste on Mac)

mailchimp key

Step 11. Click “Update Integration”

update integration


Step 12. From your ClickFunnels dashboard select the desired funnel to connect to Mailchimp

select funnel


Step 13. Edit the desired optin page to connect the list to
edit optin page

Step 14. Go to Settings and select “Integrations”

Integration settings


Step 15. Select the Mailchimp Integration and select the desired list to add contacts to

Add to list


Step 16. Check that there is at minimum an EMAIL optin field type and the button is set to “Submit The Page” (see the image below)
Email field submit button


Finishing Touches for the Mailchimp Integration with ClickFunnels

It is very important to test the optin page. Make sure you preview the page and test optin with an email.

You will see the email in your Mailchimp account under the list you’ve created and selected.

We’ve also created a tutorial to setup, test and troubleshoot your optin funnel page. Don’t miss out on those leads!

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