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We’ve put together this  subscription box website template for you, but first read this!

free subscription box website template sales funnel
Outstanding Funnels Subscription Box Template and Sales Funnel


The homepage will tell the story about the product and what the style of product is which can include details about the subscription product.

Included on this page is details about what experience to expect, a social proof and testimonials area and a form of contacting a sales team or support email.
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The button is connected to a popup that will collect your lead’s name and email, but also encourage them to continue through your site (also known as a sales funnel).

Preview the subscription box website template home page below:

Subscription Box Business Home page

Subscription Box Business Features

Subscription Box Website
The homepage of the subscription box website template.


This will also include the call to action which is to present an enticing offer and have them try your product for the first time.

You can up-sell them on “addons” to the box or offer a down-sell instead if they do not accept the first up-sell. Create unique upsell offers to encourage savings while increasing sales and conversions.

You can control the offers that are presented and also have a single purchase option available.

This funnel includes a Support Ticket Page that can be used with the Email Notification Automation to send that information to your email or any support agent’s email. (Can integrate with live chat applications such as Intercom or

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How To Get The Subscription Box Website Template:

Get your website template by clicking the link below. It will also include a free 14 day trial to ClickFunnels where your website, pages, sales, email and more will be hosted. This includes a free .com domain, technical on boarding, sales and marketing training all for free!

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This funnel will include:

  • Homepage / Optin page
  • One Time Purchase
  • Promotion Order Page
  • Upsell Page
  • Downsell Page
  • Order Confirmation Page
  • Support Ticket Page
  • Ticket Sent Confirmation Page
  • About / Story Page
  • Last Month’s Box (One Time Purchase)
  • Funnel Setup Guide Page (To link pages together for your funnel)

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Frequently asked questions

What is ClickFunnels

Is ClickFunnels Real

What is ClickFunnels Website Builder

How can I manage my subscriptions?

You can use with Stripe to help manage the subscriptions and payment information of your customers.

How can I sell my product?

You will need to use Stripe to create subscription plans and accept payments for one time purchases or subscribed members.

Can I edit the template or add new pages?

Yes. This funnel and the pages can customized and re-branded.

How do I set up the website or “sales funnel”?

The 14 day trial will include on boarding and training.

Is this An Alternative to Subbly

This template and ClickFunnels can be used as a Subbly alternative and we recommend looking into it, especially if you are interested in much more than subscription services.

Is This an Alternative to Cratejoy

This template and ClickFunnels can be used as a CrateJoy alternative and we recommend looking into it, especially if you are interested in much more than subscription services.

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