Your First Digital Product – FREE PLR WPLikePop

WPLikePop – FREE PLR WordPress Plugin For You To Download and Resell

Your first free PLR to use to sell or collect leads!

You may have heard of affiliate marketing, but have you heard of PLR? (or even free PLR)

What if I you could sell a product that is already created and keep ALL of the profit?

We have a FREE PLR plugin here to get you started with collecting leads or selling your first product online!

Free PLR Product WordPress Plugin WPLikePop

PLR, which stands for Private Label Rights, allows you to acquire the re-seller license and rights so you can own and sell the product!

Update or re-brand the product before putting it out online to sell or give away a “lite” version perhaps to get leads for the free version.

WPLikePop can be used to create small, non-intrusive popups for engaged readers on blogs or sites similar to this one. The goal is to allow for an easy like or follow on selected social platforms to grow social conversions and a following.

The WPLikePop WordPress plugin has a few themes and styles as well as animations for when it appears as well as placement location.
Free PLR Product Whitelabel WPLikePop

The pre-packages PLR WordPress Plugin is ready for Mac OS and Windows users.
Simply unzip and install on the WordPress blog, link the social profiles and it is ready to go!

In the end this means less investment to get access to a product you own and sell.

You can click here to get instant access to WPLikePop

This plugin could be a great lead magnet or first product for a funnel or specifically for someone using ClickFunnels.

Use WPLikePop inside of your funnel as bait to result in more leads or making your first dollar online.

We offer a free 14 day trial to ClickFunnels with a free ClickFunnels Bonus Training – you will need to sign up to each separately to get both.

See you on in the inside!

Outstanding Funnels Team

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