Warrior Fitness Opt-in Funnel

Fitness Opt-in Funnel:

This Fitness Opt-in Funnel Is To Be Used With ClickFunnels

This is to help provide a connection and allow you to see your brand added to the page to replace the default.

The opt-in page can be used for a local fitness instructor to collect leads while providing value to visitors or traffic that want to get started with their new fitness lifestyle.

Another option is to be used online to collect leads and then follow up with a sales page or email marketing to provide more value and engagement to then convert them into a customer through the front end product.

See the opt-in page here:

Fitness Opt-in Page
Fitness Opt-in Page Preview

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This includes:

  1. Logo Area
  2. Email and Phone Contact
  3. Punchy Headline Text
  4. Video or Featured Image Area
  5. Value Incentive and Opt-in Area
  6. Story / Founder / About Area
  7. Testimonials & Social Proof Area

Next you can see the Thank You page and funnel step where you can deliver and add content to.

Fitness Opt-in Sales / Thank You Page

A Thank You page is great digital “real estate”. This means you have their attention and have built a small amount of trust.

This is enough to have them listen to your thank you / sales video that will provide value, tell a story and build a connection.

This allows you to introduce your front end product.

Provide links to social media platforms so they can become more engaged, involved, continue to build a relationship and find more value!

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Frequently asked questions

How can I manage my subscriptions?

You can use with Stripe to help manage the subscriptions and payment information of your customers.

How can I sell my product?

You will need to use Stripe or Braintree to create subscription plans and accept payments for one time purchases or subscribed members.

Can I edit the template or add new pages?

You can add new pages and link them to each other through the navigation – there is a video tutorial included to see how to link your website’s pages to one another.

Included Support

Upon purchasing this funnel you will be able to receive support for your template from the Outstanding Funnels facebook page.

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