Fitness Coach Funnel

Fitness Coach Funnel – Collect Emails, Sell Training & Coaching!

So you are a fitness coach in need of a fitness coach “funnel”…

Collect emails, follow up with automated emails, sell your course and upgrade your members to coaching with a fitness coach funnel.

We’ve gone ahead and created a list of important steps and things to know before taking a look at what your fitness coach funnel will look like. You may not have heard of a funnel before, but let’s call it your process.

Having a process that allows a target audience to learn more, get more value through emails, using their credit cards to get access to courses or modules and lastly apply and sign up for coaching.

What’s in it for me? – Getting the email optin!

“Why should I enter my email on this screen in front of me?” and “What is in it for me?”
Ask yourself this question when looking to get a contacts email or any information.
The exchange is required to receive information or value!

This is a quick tip, cheat sheet, life hack or small checklist that helps a potential paying customer quick results. Overcoming a problem with an easy solution or improving skill or knowledge to reach a higher goal results in building rapport and trust.

fitness coach funnel gift
Here’s 3 ways to stretch. Chiseled abs comes later!

We like people who give us gives and help us overcome obstacles – they become our friend or mentor.


Welcome, deliver and over deliver!

So you have a fitness optin page ready to go to offer information in exchange for the lead’s contact information such as an email address and maybe the first name.

Introduce yourself, welcome them to your community and build a connection.

Once free content has been consumed, hopefully followed, then the option to upgrade or unlock more is then presented. Email sequences will be used to “sell” the course offered and continue to engage your email list.

fitness coaching funnel success
Take these tips and go get clients!

Always be selling – continue to engage your list and provide value

Provide value to your audience, social media etc. You never know when someone will buy your front end product, advanced modules and resources or get one on one fitness and health coaching.

The goal of a “Fitness Coach Funnel” is to grow the lead list, create sustainable income and attract your ideal and dream clients.

This would be similar to starting an online business and marketing if you aren’t already collecting leads and making sales online.

Outstanding Funnels Team