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3 Tips to collect leads and qualify them for an essential oils MLM down-line.

1. Get In Front Of Eyes!
(Or what is also known as “Traffic”)

So you want to get leads to purchase essential oils MLM or to work on your down-line – you’re in the right place!

First,  think back to the first time you placed your order.

At one point you watched a YouTube video, clicked a link in a Facebook or blog post or maybe someone you know invited you to a local meetup. That is called traffic and YOU were traffic.

What happened is that you were interested in the product or opportunity then received value, gained more interest and took action!

Do we have your attention now?

Consider this blog, your blog, your YouTube channel, your Facebook, Intstagram, Twitter etc..
– If you don’t have something for people to find you, then you need to start YESTERDAY!

As you begin creating more content for people to see on the internet, much like this blog post found you, they may want more information and so on.

That is where the power of a capture page comes in!

2. Have a lead capture page and look to exchange value for their email.

(Insert Headline Similar To “The 3 Things To Know Before Buying Essential Oils”)

How can I learn more? ” or “What is this I need to know first?

When you provide valuable and relative information on the internet you will want to have your traffic asking those very questions.

That is where your lead capture page incidentally known as a squeeze page or optin page, comes into play.
See our free Essential Oils One Page Website and Optin Page template here.

Value steps
Learn to walk in just 2 easy steps?

Consider the what valuable information you can offer next which will have them give your their email for that next step, furthermore this next step could be a discount to order their starter kit for example.

Also, consider that it could be live training or a recorded video that further engages them in the topic you are an expert at as a result will have them following you on social media, on your email list and buying from you.

You will need a page to collect their information so you can follow up with them to further educate them and guide them on their adventure of learning essential oils – and maybe even becoming your down-line!

Create an optin page and let those emails roll in!

We recommend the website builder tool ClickFunnels for building optin pages, automated email sequences and even membership site hosting!

3. Provide Value And Over Deliver

When making any new friendship or networking – first impressions matter!

If you’ve collected an email you now have an opportunity to deliver value as a result will convert them into a customer or down-line agent.

Continuing on the next page you can provide new information or techniques that help them better understand the topic. (essential oils in this case)

You can use essential oils.. and create income?!

If you are looking to collect their email this means you have a goal. Sell them product or get them into your down-line. Your interactions will be always moving them closer to one of these two goals.

When you answer any questions they may have or feel that you’ve given them such great value they will know, like and trust you. This is where you can allow them to continue to purchase or get in touch to learn more about any essential oils MLM opportunity you may have for them.

If you have any questions or enjoyed this article feel free to share it with your friends or leave a comment below! You can click here to get a free home page and optin page template to get you started!

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