ClickFunnels Tutorial Episode 2

ClickFunnels Tutorial – ClickFunnels Funnel Settings Episode 2

Welcome to episode 2 where we discuss ClickFunnels Funnel Settings!

Let’s get more familiar with the ClickFunnels Funnel Settings for your funnel so we can learn a little more about what we can do with our funnel.

You can see where to get started below:

ClickFunnels Tutorial Episode 2

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Learn how to:

  1. Find the funnel settings
  2. How to change the name of the funnel
  3. Where to set the custom domain or a subdomain for the funnel
  4. Change the group tag
  5. Add funnel wide tracking codes
  6. Add or update your favicon for your funnel
  7. Select the SMTP setting you would like to use
  8. Put the funnel into test mode for Stripe or Braintree
  9. Configure an affiliate commission plan for the funnel
  10. Zapier integrations and webhook area (advanced)
  11. Archive / delete the funnel
  12. Save and update the funnel settingsFree ClickFunnels Trial

The only time the name of your funnel will be seen is when doing an Autowebiner / Evergreen Webinar so there’s no need worry about it for now.

SMTP is for delivering email and we will cover this in a later episode.

You can help to organize your funnels by giving them group tags when creating them.

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