ClickFunnels Tutorial Beginners

ClickFunnels Tutorial The Optin Funnel

Welcome to the ClickFunnels Tutorial Series.

We’ve put together a ClickFunnels tutorial for beginners so you can learn how to get up and running!

This ClickFunnels Training video series that is starting with the Optin Funnel- growing a list is key or adding new leads to convert to customers! ( Don’t have a ClickFunnels account – get one here free! )

See the first few steps to take and begin creating an optin funnel that collects the leads and directs them instantly to the thank you page, download page or sales page.

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In This ClickFunnels Tutorial Video You Will Learn how to:

  1. Understand the dashboard
  2. Add or create a new funnel
  3. Select the funnel type (optin funnel)
  4. Select a template to start with
  5. Check for email input type to be sure
  6. Set your button to submit the page
  7. Have a next funnel step as your thank you page

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There are basic things to check when creating an optin funnel inside of ClickFunnels.

Inside of the optin page you need to have an email input form (an input form element) that has the type “Email”.
Email input type forms will always be set to required by default.

Next, make sure the button element on the screen has a “URL / Action” that is set to #open-popup or “#submit-form”.

If you are using a popup make sure the button on the popup is set to “#submit-form”.

Following that you can make sure you have added a Thank You funnel step. Or when editing the optin page go to Settings >> Redirect Override and add the URL inside of there.

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