ClickFunnels Automation

ClickFunnels Tutorial EP 3 – ClickFunnels Automation & Publishing

Welcome to Episode 3 of the ClickFunnels Series!

ClickFunnels Automation and Publishing

If you’ve been following along or are just hopping in here now – you will learn about ClickFunnels Automation and Publishing which can help optimize your funnel and segment contacts when they optin or purchase.

ClickFunnels Automation
ClickFunnels Tutorial Series – Episode 3

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Free ClickFunnels TrialWhat you will learn under Automation:

  1. How to add contacts to a list when they optin or purchase
  2. How to remove contacts from a list to segment them when they purchase
  3. Contfigure an email notification when a contact opts in or purchases
  4. Create Automated emails (If you don’t have Actionetics)
  5. Where to set automated text messages

What you will learn under Publishing:

  1. Change funnel step name
  2. Get the iframe embed code
  3. Download the HTML to add to your hosted server
  4. Create a text optin
  5. Select the custom domain / subdomain (if configured)Keep in mind that Automations are triggered upon an optin or purchase which are triggered when submitting information (clicking submit).This allows the information to be collected and then added to the respective list and Action Funnel.Leave a comment below if you have any questions!Free ClickFunnels Trial