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Free Subscription Box Website Template

Get Your Free A Subscription Box Sales Website & Sales Funnel Template!

We’ve put together this free subscription box website template for you, but first read this!

free subscription box website template sales funnel
Outstanding Funnels Subscription Box Template and Sales Funnel


The homepage will tell the story about the product and what the style of product is which can include details about the subscription product.

Included on this page is details about what experience to expect, a social proof and testimonials area and a form of contacting a sales team or support email.

The button is connected to a popup that will collect your lead’s name and email, but also encourage them to continue through your site (also known as a sales funnel).

Preview the subscription box website template home page below:

Subscription Box Business Home page

Subscription Box Business Features

Subscription Box Website
The homepage of the free subscription box website template.


This will also include the call to action which is to present an enticing offer and have them try your product for the first time.

You can up-sell them on “addons” to the box or offer a down-sell instead if they do not accept the first up-sell. Create unique upsell offers to encourage savings while increasing sales and conversions.

You can control the offers that are presented and also have a single purchase option available.

This funnel includes a Support Ticket Page that can be used with the Email Notification Automation to send that information to your email or any support agent’s email. (Can integrate with live chat applications such as Intercom or

How To Get The Free Subscription Box Website Template:

Get your free website template by clicking the link below. It will also include a free 14 day trial to ClickFunnels where your website, pages, sales, email and more will be hosted. This includes a free .com domain, technical on boarding, sales and marketing training all for free!

Get this subscription website and sales funnel free using our referral link (includes bonus 14 day trial for ClickFunnels) You will need to complete the signup in order to get the exclusive template in your account.


This funnel will include:

  • Homepage / Optin page
  • One Time Purchase
  • Promotion Order Page
  • Upsell Page
  • Downsell Page
  • Order Confirmation Page
  • Support Ticket Page
  • Ticket Sent Confirmation Page
  • About / Story Page
  • Last Month’s Box (One Time Purchase)
  • Funnel Setup Guide Page (To link pages together for your funnel)

Get the funnel FREE and 14 Day Trial Account With ClickFunnels


Frequently asked questions

What is ClickFunnels

Is ClickFunnels Real

What is ClickFunnels Website Builder

How can I manage my subscriptions?

You can use with Stripe to help manage the subscriptions and payment information of your customers.

How can I sell my product?

You will need to use Stripe to create subscription plans and accept payments for one time purchases or subscribed members.

Can I edit the template or add new pages?

Yes. This funnel and the pages can customized and re-branded.

How do I set up the website or “sales funnel”?

The 14 day trial will include on boarding and training.

Is this An Alternative to Subbly

This template and ClickFunnels can be used as a Subbly alternative and we recommend looking into it, especially if you are interested in much more than subscription services.

Is This an Alternative to Cratejoy

This template and ClickFunnels can be used as a CrateJoy alternative and we recommend looking into it, especially if you are interested in much more than subscription services.

ClickFunnels Live Demo Q&A Know Before You Buy!

Want an invitation to a ClickFunnels Live Demo? (Very Limited Spaces!)

Looking to ask your questions and see it in action in a ClickFunnels Live Demo? Not an automated webinar or not likely live, one hundred percent live.

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This demo does require a FREE Trial Account (that can be cancelled so don’t worry and if there’s any issues they have some of the BEST support!). Affiliate Marketers, Entrepreneurs, Brick & Mortar business, Professionals and Network Marketers are all welcome!

ClickFunnels Live Demo Monkeying
“I use Blah for page editing, Blah for emails, Blah for payments and I have a programmer make it work!”


ClickFunnels has been adored by many who “duct-tape” together services and software such as Confusionsoft (Infusionsoft – which uses multiple services to provide a service to their customers) or Leadpages + some shopping cart service… See here more about personal trainer sales & membership funnels or our free digital marketing beginner training.

So many times during one on one calls do I hear how messy Infusionsoft is (or was!). Some brave souls have stuck through and learned their way around to make their business work.

Step 1. Create the 14 Day ClickFunnels Trial – includes our Free Training and Bonus Starter Funnels

Create your free trial account if you haven’t done so. Our team will email you your bonuses shortly after (from [email protected]) so keep an eye out for the on boarding email.

Step 2. Open the email invitation to the ClickFunnels Live Demo and register for the call.

There are only 8 spots per session available and only a few sessions per day. Limiting the space allows the host to answer your questions in real time to help you get the most of the introduction and live training.

That’s all there is to it!

Reach out to use if you have any questions!

Fitness Coach Funnel – Collect Emails, Sell Training & Coaching!

So you are a fitness coach in need of a fitness coach “funnel”…

Collect emails, follow up with automated emails, sell your course and upgrade your members to coaching with a fitness coach funnel.

We’ve gone ahead and created a list of important steps and things to know before taking a look at what your fitness coach funnel will look like. You may not have heard of a funnel before, but let’s call it your process.

Having a process that allows a target audience to learn more, get more value through emails, using their credit cards to get access to courses or modules and lastly apply and sign up for coaching.

What’s in it for me? – Getting the email optin!

“Why should I enter my email on this screen in front of me?” and “What is in it for me?”
Ask yourself this question when looking to get a contacts email or any information.
The exchange is required to receive information or value!

This is a quick tip, cheat sheet, life hack or small checklist that helps a potential paying customer quick results. Overcoming a problem with an easy solution or improving skill or knowledge to reach a higher goal results in building rapport and trust.

fitness coach funnel gift
Here’s 3 ways to stretch. Chiseled abs comes later!

We like people who give us gives and help us overcome obstacles – they become our friend or mentor.


Welcome, deliver and over deliver!

So you have a fitness optin page ready to go to offer information in exchange for the lead’s contact information such as an email address and maybe the first name.

Introduce yourself, welcome them to your community and build a connection.

Once free content has been consumed, hopefully followed, then the option to upgrade or unlock more is then presented. Email sequences will be used to “sell” the course offered and continue to engage your email list.

fitness coaching funnel success
Take these tips and go get clients!

Always be selling – continue to engage your list and provide value

Provide value to your audience, social media etc. You never know when someone will buy your front end product, advanced modules and resources or get one on one fitness and health coaching.

The goal of a “Fitness Coach Funnel” is to grow the lead list, create sustainable income and attract your ideal and dream clients.

This would be similar to starting an online business and marketing if you aren’t already collecting leads and making sales online.

Outstanding Funnels Team


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Start A Subscription Product With A Sales Funnel – 3 Strategies To Know

Get Started With Your Subscription Product Business Today!

Dollar Shave Club, Dollar Beard Club, Harry’s, Loot Crate = Monthly Subscription Product

Looking to start your own subscription based business? You’re going to need an offer!

1. Create an offer that is hard to resist and focus on “over-delivering”

Consider who the target audience is and see what would be an offer that just makes it easy and exciting which results in placing the first order.  Growing a list is great and following up with enticing offers and savings is part of this, however converting contacts to customers is the goal.  Continue reading Start A Subscription Product With A Sales Funnel – 3 Strategies To Know

What is ClickFunnels? What you need to first!

New To ClickFunnels OR Asking What is ClickFunnels?

What is a “sales funnel” or what is this “ClickFunnels” I’ve heard about?

Welcome to leads, sales and automation made easy – this article answers your question “What is ClickFunnels”.

If you have a business and a website, but are sick of waiting days or weeks to get your IT guy to update your website – keep reading! (Or if you want to start a business, but don’t have a website)

It’s more than just a website builder and drag and drop page editor – it’s a way of life!

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