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Funnels and Types of Funnels

No, not a plastic industrial or kitchen funnel – I mean a process of which you collect leads and convert contacts into buyers.

Welcome to Oustanding Funnels blog where to get caught up on the newest and best marketing strategies and tutorials. This means collecting emails and delivering follow up sequences that convert.
When these emails convert they convert leads to customers as a result – profit!

Learn how to collect emails, follow up with automation, accept payments without having to lift a finger (once it’s setup that is!).

This page will go over a brief list of funnel types and the purpose of them. Sometimes referred to as “marketing funnels”. This term is growing more popular consequently “funnels” is common to hear.
So terms like “Funnel Hacker”, funnel building, funnel conversions are now important to your vocabulary.

Optin Funnel

Optin forms and pages are common on websites, but can also be reached through targeted ads to grow email lists.
In conclusion this prcoess grows the list of potential customers or buyers furthermore automated emails or cold calling are used to convert leads. Optin funnels are almost always followed by a sales funnel or selling of product or services.

Sales Funnel

These are crucial to recover the ad spend to get traffic to become a lead or customer. 1 dollar in – 1 dollar out. That is break even from the first purchase of a new customer. The sales funnel process then continues to engage, entice and sell products that provide more value and improvement.

Webinar Funnel

Hosting live presentations with the objective to provide value, built trust and sell big. Selling big means high ticket items such as certain services, training and coaching, and

Automated Webinar Funnel

How great can an automated webinar funnel be? Think of the perfected live webinar and then automate the process to sell products or services. This can be done with practice and using the right platform and tools. Run ads and enjoy sales.

ClickFunnels Tutorial The Optin Funnel

Welcome to the ClickFunnels Tutorial Series.

We’ve put together a ClickFunnels tutorial for beginners so you can learn how to get up and running!

This ClickFunnels Training video series that is starting with the Optin Funnel- growing a list is key or adding new leads to convert to customers! ( Don’t have a ClickFunnels account – get one here free! )

See the first few steps to take and begin creating an optin funnel that collects the leads and directs them instantly to the thank you page, download page or sales page.
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Tagging In ClickFunnels – Tags For Contacts New Update!

A video guide on how to tag contacts in ClickFunnels

Just this last week ClickFunnels released an update that allows tagging in ClickFunnels optin pages and it can be set through the page editor.

This is what many people have been asking for and it has arrived to finish off 2016 strong! Continue reading Tagging In ClickFunnels – Tags For Contacts New Update!

How To Start Selling T-Shirts Online – Beginner Guide

start selling t-shirts, mugs and Accessories online!

This video and post will go over some platforms and services that you can use to get started selling t-shirts products online.

In this post we use a “placeholder” company and design to go over what your t-shirt sales funnel will look like. I hope to help get you started selling t-shirts online to consumers.  Continue reading How To Start Selling T-Shirts Online – Beginner Guide

ClickFunnels Discount – Save $785 On 6 Monthes

The One ClickFunnels Discount You Need To Know!

The only known method for your ClickFunnels discount – Getting the most bang for your buck secret shared here! (There are no promo codes for ClickFunnels!)

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Sell Tee Shirts Online – And Accessory Up-sells!

Tee Shirt Sales Page & Funnel With Accessory Up-sell

Display your limited offer design and sell Tee shirts!

This funnel  that includes product details, scarcity countdown, a gallery, reviews and will in turn help sell your Tee shirts.

Offer a bracelet, necklace or even mug accessory as an up-sell to increase in the moment sales. Continue reading Sell Tee Shirts Online – And Accessory Up-sells!

T-Shirt Sales Page Template (ClickFunnels)

Sell T-Shirt Sales Page Template

Use this “Store Front” page to display your limited offer design(s) on this page that includes product details, a gallery, availability timer, reviews and more!

An easy way to display the design  and Sell T-Shirts that you are promoting. Direct your traffic to this page and get them to optin or purchase the t-shirt design.

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Essential Oils MLM – Network Marketing Optin

3 Tips to collect leads and qualify them for an essential oils MLM down-line.

1. Get In Front Of Eyes!
(Or what is also known as “Traffic”)

So you want to get leads to purchase essential oils MLM or to work on your down-line – you’re in the right place!

First,  think back to the first time you placed your order.

At one point you watched a YouTube video, clicked a link in a Facebook or blog post or maybe someone you know invited you to a local meetup. That is called traffic and YOU were traffic.

What happened is that you were interested in the product or opportunity then received value, gained more interest and took action! Continue reading Essential Oils MLM – Network Marketing Optin

Start A Subscription Product With A Sales Funnel – 3 Strategies To Know

Get Started With Your Subscription Product Business Today!

Dollar Shave Club, Dollar Beard Club, Harry’s, Loot Crate = Monthly Subscription Product

Looking to start your own subscription based business? You’re going to need an offer!

1. Create an offer that is hard to resist and focus on “over-delivering”

Consider who the target audience is and see what would be an offer that just makes it easy and exciting which results in placing the first order.  Growing a list is great and following up with enticing offers and savings is part of this, however converting contacts to customers is the goal.  Continue reading Start A Subscription Product With A Sales Funnel – 3 Strategies To Know

Warrior Fitness Opt-in Funnel

Fitness Opt-in Funnel:

This Fitness Opt-in Funnel Is To Be Used With ClickFunnels

This is to help provide a connection and allow you to see your brand added to the page to replace the default.

The opt-in page can be used for a local fitness instructor to collect leads while providing value to visitors or traffic that want to get started with their new fitness lifestyle.

Another option is to be used online to collect leads and then follow up with a sales page or email marketing to provide more value and engagement to then convert them into a customer through the front end product. Continue reading Warrior Fitness Opt-in Funnel

What is ClickFunnels? What you need to first!

New To ClickFunnels OR Asking What is ClickFunnels?

What is a “sales funnel” or what is this “ClickFunnels” I’ve heard about?

Welcome to leads, sales and automation made easy – this article answers your question “What is ClickFunnels”.

If you have a business and a website, but are sick of waiting days or weeks to get your IT guy to update your website – keep reading! (Or if you want to start a business, but don’t have a website)

It’s more than just a website builder and drag and drop page editor – it’s a way of life!

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