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What is ClickFunnels and what can it do to for local and online businesses.

Creating optin pages, email marketing, selling products has never been so easy with ClickFunnels!

The coming about of this software and its toolbox of Actionetics and Backpack have resulted in game changing for business owners of brick and mortar and online companies.

There are 40,000 active users of ClickFunnels and that number is growing daily.
The marketing tool is being used for affiliate marketing, network marketing, entrepreneurial, professional services, brick and mortar business and more!

Creating “funnels” to guide your leads and customers through your offers and as a result improve automation and scaling for companies.

How to create an optin page in ClickFunnels:

  1. Select a template to start.
  2. Use the page editor to add and update the text and images.
  3. Create a thank you / download page.
  4. Share the page URL and collect leads – in addition with your follow up emails.

The Outstanding Funnels team has created tutorials and guides for beginners. This can result in a great starting point resulting in faster creation and results.

Your funnel will need a clear goal and the optin funnel is always the best one to get started with to get the basics and really learn the fundamentals –  start free 14 day trial account

How To Promote ClickFunnels

How To Promote ClickFunnels

So you’re looking to become a promoter or affiliate of ClickFunnels and don’t have an email list (if you do that is one way to promote it) So let’s go over some ideas on how to promote ClickFunnels free!

Here are a list of ways to Promote ClickFunnels for free.



1. How To Promote ClickFunnels on YouTube

Create helpful and informative content to provide value to people searching for a way to start or grow their business. ClickFunnels is a helpful tool for being able to create optin pages, sales pages, order pages, membership sites and much more.

People are using not only Google, Yahoo and Bing to search for answers to solutions, but YouTube as well.

promote clickfunnels on youtube

The best time to create a YouTube channel is NOW. You can start with your name or your company name.

You can also check out tools such as Screen-cast-o-matic (free-trial signup for save 20% for Screencastomatic) to record your camera, screen or both at the same time to create short or lengthy videos. Another, more advanced tool would be Camtasia (free-trial for Camtasia)


2. How To Promote ClickFunnels Through Blog or Website

Are you interested in providing resources and tools to beginners or business owners? Pick a target audience and create content to help bridge the gap of confusion or frustration.

You can start practicing to create content through for free, there’s no cost to create a blog, brand it and make your first post!

how to promote clickfunnels

You will need to always end up using email marketing as one of the ways to follow up with your contacts and we will provide a link to the best options when it is complete. (Of course ClickFunnels uses Actionetics)

You can decide to go to GoDaddy or Hostgator later when you are ready to get hosting and install WordPress. (This provides a much better chance for you to be found through organic searches – that is related to SEO, search engine optimization.)


3. How To Promote ClickFunnels With Social Media

It’s free, people are on it and you can reach people if you can write words and post pictures. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat (for younger audience), Twitter, LinkedIn (adults and professionals).

Share stories, eye catching images and benefits for people who follow you.

promote clickfunnels on social media

At the least you should have one friend or supporter who understand your vision to help people pursue their passion to start their business or help those who already have a business.

4. How To Promote ClickFunnels To Businesses

Offer to provide a funnel for a business and provide details how it can be a solution and advantage to them. Write cold emails, make phone calls or walk in. It doesn’t cost much if anything to do any of these and if you can’t sell or make one sale eventually then perhaps look into getting some training.

Promote ClickFunnels

Often stories help sell or creating a short quick way to explain how a funnel works or what may not be working for a business can be improved. People are focusing on running their business and not programs or marketing tools (they don’t often have the time).

Learn more about what is ClickFunnels |  Get learning ClickFunnels through Tutorials

What to know about ClickFunnels when asked “Is ClickFunnels Real?”


Can I Use PayPal on ClickFunnels

Can I Use PayPal with ClickFunnels

First I want to start off by saying yes. You can create products inside of PayPal as you would normally and then you can use PayPal on ClickFunnels.

PayPal with ClickFunnels

This would be similar to creating a Buy Now button, but you can select the “email link” option from the product and place it inside of any image element, custom created button elements or even hyperlinked text on your sales page.

How To use PayPal on ClickFunnels

To use PayPal on ClickFunnels the product will need to be created first. So give it an item name and remember the Item ID. It will be important for tracking the purchases made in PayPal with ClickFunnels.

use paypal on clickfunnels page
Create your product in paypal to use on ClickFunnels.

Create the sales page and the thank you page in ClickFunnels.

Free 14 day trial here if you don’t have the ClickFunnels account yet

The product will need to have two URL’s. One URL if the cancel the checkout process and another one when they complete the checkout. This allows you to create a custom thank you page.

A neat idea is to make the checkout complete page an upsell type page that displays the next product that they can purchase with a button to the next product that is created in PayPal, but is on your ClickFunnels page.


use paypal with clickfunnels

There is no “one click upsell” integration option at this time, but the $37 Personal, Plan or $67 Boostrap Plan,  $97 Startup Plan.

These plans allow you to use the page builder for your optin pages, sales pages, thank you pages and more.

Please feel free to chat with us on Facebook if you just created your account and need any help getting started!

Happy selling!

Not sure what ClickFunnels Website Builder is?

| Free T-Shirt Sales Page Template |Free Essential Oils MLM Optin Website Template|


If you are simply looking for a video tutorial you can see this ClickFunnels Documentation video below:

Free Subscription Box Website Template

Get Your Free A Subscription Box Sales Website & Sales Funnel Template!

We’ve put together this free subscription box website template for you, but first read this!

free subscription box website template sales funnel
Outstanding Funnels Subscription Box Template and Sales Funnel


The homepage will tell the story about the product and what the style of product is which can include details about the subscription product.

Included on this page is details about what experience to expect, a social proof and testimonials area and a form of contacting a sales team or support email.

The button is connected to a popup that will collect your lead’s name and email, but also encourage them to continue through your site (also known as a sales funnel).

Preview the subscription box website template home page below:

Subscription Box Business Home page

Subscription Box Business Features

Subscription Box Website
The homepage of the free subscription box website template.


This will also include the call to action which is to present an enticing offer and have them try your product for the first time.

You can up-sell them on “addons” to the box or offer a down-sell instead if they do not accept the first up-sell. Create unique upsell offers to encourage savings while increasing sales and conversions.

You can control the offers that are presented and also have a single purchase option available.

This funnel includes a Support Ticket Page that can be used with the Email Notification Automation to send that information to your email or any support agent’s email. (Can integrate with live chat applications such as Intercom or

How To Get The Free Subscription Box Website Template:

Get your free website template by clicking the link below. It will also include a free 14 day trial to ClickFunnels where your website, pages, sales, email and more will be hosted. This includes a free .com domain, technical on boarding, sales and marketing training all for free!

Get this subscription website and sales funnel free using our referral link (includes bonus 14 day trial for ClickFunnels) You will need to complete the signup in order to get the exclusive template in your account.


This funnel will include:

  • Homepage / Optin page
  • One Time Purchase
  • Promotion Order Page
  • Upsell Page
  • Downsell Page
  • Order Confirmation Page
  • Support Ticket Page
  • Ticket Sent Confirmation Page
  • About / Story Page
  • Last Month’s Box (One Time Purchase)
  • Funnel Setup Guide Page (To link pages together for your funnel)

Get the funnel FREE and 14 Day Trial Account With ClickFunnels


Frequently asked questions

What is ClickFunnels

Is ClickFunnels Real

What is ClickFunnels Website Builder

How can I manage my subscriptions?

You can use with Stripe to help manage the subscriptions and payment information of your customers.

How can I sell my product?

You will need to use Stripe to create subscription plans and accept payments for one time purchases or subscribed members.

Can I edit the template or add new pages?

Yes. This funnel and the pages can customized and re-branded.

How do I set up the website or “sales funnel”?

The 14 day trial will include on boarding and training.

Is this An Alternative to Subbly

This template and ClickFunnels can be used as a Subbly alternative and we recommend looking into it, especially if you are interested in much more than subscription services.

Is This an Alternative to Cratejoy

This template and ClickFunnels can be used as a CrateJoy alternative and we recommend looking into it, especially if you are interested in much more than subscription services.

Is ClickFunnels Real

So, Is ClickFunnels Real?

If you’re on this page reading this and wondering “Is ClickFunnels Real”,

“Is ClickFunnels a scam”, “What is a ClickFunnels affiliate”,

or even “What are ClickFunnels”,  “What is ClickFunnels used for“,

perhaps “What does ClickFunnels do”, “Is ClickFunnels legit”,

“Is ClickFunnels MLM”, “Is ClickFunnels a pyramid scheme”

and lastly “Is ClickFunnels safe” etc – then you’re on the right page!

Is ClickFunnels Real?

Being skeptical on the internet is perfectly normal and understandable in this day and age.
That’s why we welcome you to get this confusion cleared up regarding all ClickFunnels related topics.

1. Is ClickFunnels Real

Yes, ClickFunnels is very real and officially launched in September 2014.

ClickFunnels is based out of Boise, Idaho. They host a yearly event called “Funnel Hacker Live”. In 2014 it was hosted in Las Vegas, in 2015 it was hosted in San Diego and 2016 Dallas.

In 2017 they will be hosting the event in Orlando.

ClickFunnels is not a scam – ClickFunnels is a service!

It is used by entrepreneurs, small, medium and even large business to not only create web pages, but actually monetize their website using sales funnels and systems to increase sales and conversions.

This means to be able to collect leads, do automated email marketing and help increase sales and conversions.

Is ClickFunnels Real
The 2 Comma Club award is only given to those who have sold over 1 million dollars through their account.

They have been labeled a “unicorn” in their industry because other tech and software companies aren’t sure exactly what they have done to become very successful without any venture capital.

This may be part of why they are exploding viral and are being heard of by a ton of new people!

You can see our ClickFunnels Website Builder post here.


2. Is ClickFunnels A Scam

No, ClickFunnels is not a scam.

ClickFunnels has a fully operational, and outstanding chat support and billing team, along with great developers and team managers.

They aren’t trying to trick you into anything. They are offering services, and even training to help as many people grow their business and reach their true potential by eliminated the technological barriers.

From what we’ve seen the mission of ClickFunnels is to allow businesses to systematically grow their online and offline business.

Their intentions are true and if you ask for the money back guarantee they offer for the purchase you made they will absolutely 100% honor this.

By providing an outstanding software, service and even more value ClickFunnels is not struggling to grow or create a happy customer experience – even if you are just testing it out!


3. What Is A ClickFunnels Affiliate

Have you ever heard of “passive income”, “affiliate marketing” or “commissions”?

This is going to help you understand why you may see ClickFunnels around more and more as time goes on. Sure, not everyone is looking to start a business, but the best time to start is today.

So, because ClickFunnels frees you from IT and developers – now has become the easiest time to create your online business.

If someone has a business they need to grow it (if you’re not growing you’re dying).

Nobody likes to wait days for website updates that aren’t done correctly.

On top of being charged full price for your IT guy’s time. So people are able to signup to receive a commission if they refer you to ClickFunnels.

A ClickFunnels affiliate only targets people who can possibly benefit from ClickFunnels.

This is to find the right people who need ClickFunnels in their life or business.

They aren’t trying to trick anyone which would result in a lose-lose situation.

Now with that being said – don’t trust everyone or everything you hear on the internet! You’re doing the research now before making a decision resulting in a ClickFunnels free trial.

ClickFunnels put together their 14 day risk free trial with the unsure and eager in mind.

If this post has helped then please feel free to use our referral link below to get started!
Click here to go to ClickFunnels website and create a free 14 day trial.

ClickFunnels Website Builder

ClickFunnels Website Builder

Are you a business owner or looking to build your website online, but don’t code? Take a look at what the ClickFunnels website builder has to offer for you and your online business.

ClickFunnels offers more than just a website it’s a funnel! You don’t need thousands of dollars to pay programmers any more and there’s a proven strategy behind using sales funnels that allows you to actually monetize your website instead of missing out on leads and sales. Seriously – funnels!

ClickFunnels Website Builder
Click to watch and learn about ClickFunnels

The ClickFunnels website builder solution for entrepreneurs and business owners that feel “handcuffed” by programmers.

You know what we’re talking about. Having to email or reach out to your tech guy to who makes small updates to your website or pages next week and charges you FULL PRICE for it!

This is the feeling that the owner and co-founder (Russell) felt when he was starting and growing his online companies over the past 10+ years.

There are a ton of free templates to get you started as you build out the perfect page or pages for your website or “sales funnel”. Click here to to get a free domain and hosting 14 day trial!


  • Home Page Templates
  • Article Post Templates
  • Contact / About Templates
  • Optin, Sales Page and Product Launch Templates
  • Order Page, Upsell, Downsell and Order Confirmation Templates
  • Membership Login and Dashboard Templates (sell access to content)
  • Automated Webinar Funnels and Templates (hourly webinars or daily)
  • Webinar Registration  and Confirmation Templates
  • Popups, Exit Popups, Timed Popups, Surveys / Quiz Elements
  • Free Onboarding and Training
  • Use Your Favorite Autoresponder / Shopping Cart
  • Hundreds of Free Page and Site Templates
  • A Free .com domain (.net, .org, etc)
  • Free Page / Website Hosting
  • Free Updates For Life
  • No Installing Anything!
  • Live Chat Support

Click here to sign up today for free and get started today! 


website builder template
A free template example


There are home page templates, about, contact, products & services, membership area templates, order pages, sales pages, order confirmation pages and more.

website builder template
Get this “hero” page template in ClickFunnels free!


Click to get your free 14 day trial for ClickFunnels website builder


website build
One of the great sales page templates included in the pre-designed template list in ClickFunnels.



Get the free domain and 14 trial today!


Not sure what to do and feel overwhelmed with getting started online? Read our starting your online business article.



DoTerra With ClickFunnels

Learn more below how to use ClickFunnels for DoTerra or Young Living!

Learn how to get started and grow your online marketing opportunity such as DoTerra or Young Living for example.

This One Page Optin / Website Template we have created to help You with your DoTerra or Young Living home based business.

Use this opt-in page to collect leads for Essential Oils MLM such as doTERRA or Young Living. Provide value to collect MLM leads and use email marketing to convert them.

This template provides a space to offer valuable information and education to visitors to encourage them to optin and become leads. Valued information could be something like a simple short Ebook, health befits and more.

You will want to create an email sequence that will continuously build the connection between you and your new contacts. This allows you to deliver the value mentioned on the optin page that provides insight into essential oils health properties and more.

The emails you can write will also also be a good time and opportunity to introduce DoTerra / Young Living while you tell your story and share insights.

Create and provide content such as an e-book guide,  one on one teaching or video teaching series for essential oils.

This can help to convert leads to representatives or agents of doTERRA or Young Living.
Create your own training courses using ClickFunnels (What is ClickFunnels) to provide at the “front-end”.
This means you can use it to collect leads by offering free training. This also means potentially creating content that can be purchased (which is a good way to qualify your leads for potential downline folks)

Get the DoTerra / Young Living FREE Lead Optin Website Page Template

Essential Oils MLM Template
Essential Oils MLM Opt-in Template – see preview below

So, before trying to immediately get new leads to sign up to doTERRA as a Wellness Advocate, use this to educate them and get them excited.

Have your contacts be able to book a call with you to ask any questions they may have. Another option is to offer a free introduction or training call that you can recommend a type of oil that would help improve their life.


DoTerra MLM optin template

This template includes:

  • Video Presentation Area
  • Value and Sales Copy Area
  • Bonuses Incentive Area With Call-To-Action Button
  • Testimonial, Review and Social Proof Area
  • Story / About Education Section
  • Contact Area To Interact With Leads
  • Support from Outstanding Funnels (Facebook Page)

Get Your Free Essential Oils Optin MLM Leads  Template Here!

What a lead magnet can be:

  1. E-book or PDF Guide Related To Essential Oils
  2. Video Series That Provides Training About Natural Oils and Business Opportunity
  3. Free Training Members Area Course (included feature with ClickFunnels)
  4. One On One Coaching To Grow Your Downline

Essential Oils MLM Landing Page / One Page Website
Present the lead magnet on the page (e-book, video training etc) and collect emails in the popup.

After you have your free template from above, click here to learn the strategy behind the free Essential oils template you got here today.

ClickFunnels Popup Exit Pop Training

ClickFunnels Popup & Exit Pop

How To Edit Your Optin Page Popup and Exit Pop, How It Works Or How To Fix It

Is your ClickFunnels popup giving you a head ache? Not sure how it works or what it can do?

This short walk-through video that will go over the features and details. This video training will help troubleshoot popup and exit pop issues that are common when editing pages.

Make sure to review our ClickFunnels Optin Page Not Working training and troubleshooting video before launching your paid traffic campaign. Don’t miss out on leads that should be yours!

Optin Funnel Not Working In ClickFunnels?

Why is My Optin Funnel Not Working?

An unfinished funnel about to go live or missing contacts is a bad experience for your optin funnel.

One of the most frustrating experiences is going live on your first ClickFunnels paid traffic campaign and not collecting the leads. We’ve created this tutorial to fix and test your ClickFunnels optin here to help troubleshoot optin page issues in the case of the optin page or optin funnel not working the way it should.

Watch the video if you are asking:

Does ‘go to next step in funnel’ action submit opt-in

Submit form doesn’t go to next page funnel in ClickFunnels

Optin page not collecting emails in ClickFunnels

What is the best way to test my optin page or optin funnel

Optin Funnel Not Working – Testing The Optin Funnel Or Fixing The Optin Funnel:


“Submit The Page” Button Action

Enter the page editor and check the button action as seen in the picture below.


The button action; “Go To Next Step In Funnel” causing only a page redirect.
Alternatively there is a custom URL (“”) which is incorrect and can be edited here:

optin funnel
Click on the button element or on the gear for the button element to open the element settings.


Next click the edit action button “Set Action”:

optin funnel button


Select the “Submit The Form / Page” action:

optin funnel button submit

To redirect a lead to a specific URL:

Simply go to the Settings >> General settings and place the URL in the “On Submit Go To” box.

See image below:

optin funnel not working

The Outstanding Funnels team has created a free ClickFunnels Training and Tutorial Series as a result teaches the important basics. Get free training daily in your inbox.

Another place to continue learning ClickFunnels is through the limited seats live demo hosted by ClickFunnels.  Check your inbox for Team @ Outstanding Funnels.

Happy funnel building!

Outstanding Funnels Team