How To Start Selling T-Shirts Online – Beginner Guide

Tips on how get started selling t-shirts, mugs and accessories online!

This video and post will go over some platforms and services that you can use to get started selling t-shirts products online.

In this post we use a “placeholder” company and design to go over what your t-shirt sales funnel will look like. I hope to help get you started selling t-shirts online to consumers. 

Free ClickFunnels Trial

If you don’t know about ClickFunnels you can click here to learn “What is ClickFunnels”.

Whatever service you are using to display the t-shirts and accept payments will be able to input information in a “CSV” format to complete fulfillment.

You can integrate with Shopify (can integrate with ClickFunnels) and Woo-commerce for WordPress as well. (WordPress requires hosting, but has its own advantages)

Start Selling T-shirts
Your Tee Shirt Design 

Free ClickFunnels Trial

You will also need to create a Stripe account.

This is very easy and does not cost anything up front.
Also note that you can get a 14 Day Trial ClickFunnels Account here. ClickFunnels will allow you to create optin pages, sales pages and your order pages that work with upsells.

Stripe also works with Shopify to accept payments for products.

T-shirt printing and fulfillment: Scalable Press: (Mugs and more!)

Check out the templates available below.

T-shirt Sales Page Template | T-shirt Sales Funnel | What is ClickFunnels