ClickFunnels Website Builder

ClickFunnels Website Builder

Are you a business owner or looking to build your website online, but don’t code? Take a look at what the ClickFunnels website builder has to offer for you and your online business.

ClickFunnels offers more than just a website it’s a funnel! You don’t need thousands of dollars to pay programmers any more and there’s a proven strategy behind using sales funnels that allows you to actually monetize your website instead of missing out on leads and sales. Seriously – funnels!

ClickFunnels Website Builder
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The ClickFunnels website builder solution for entrepreneurs and business owners that feel “handcuffed” by programmers.

You know what we’re talking about. Having to email or reach out to your tech guy to who makes small updates to your website or pages next week and charges you FULL PRICE for it!

This is the feeling that the owner and co-founder (Russell) felt when he was starting and growing his online companies over the past 10+ years.

There are a ton of free templates to get you started as you build out the perfect page or pages for your website or “sales funnel”. Click here to to get a free domain and hosting 14 day trial!


  • Home Page Templates
  • Article Post Templates
  • Contact / About Templates
  • Optin, Sales Page and Product Launch Templates
  • Order Page, Upsell, Downsell and Order Confirmation Templates
  • Membership Login and Dashboard Templates (sell access to content)
  • Automated Webinar Funnels and Templates (hourly webinars or daily)
  • Webinar Registration  and Confirmation Templates
  • Popups, Exit Popups, Timed Popups, Surveys / Quiz Elements
  • Free Onboarding and Training
  • Use Your Favorite Autoresponder / Shopping Cart
  • Hundreds of Free Page and Site Templates
  • A Free .com domain (.net, .org, etc)
  • Free Page / Website Hosting
  • Free Updates For Life
  • No Installing Anything!
  • Live Chat Support

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website builder template
A free template example


There are home page templates, about, contact, products & services, membership area templates, order pages, sales pages, order confirmation pages and more.

website builder template
Get this “hero” page template in ClickFunnels free!


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website build
One of the great sales page templates included in the pre-designed template list in ClickFunnels.



Get the free domain and 14 trial today!


Not sure what to do and feel overwhelmed with getting started online? Read our starting your online business article.



DoTerra With ClickFunnels

Learn more below how to use ClickFunnels for DoTerra or Young Living!

Learn how to get started and grow your online marketing opportunity such as DoTerra or Young Living for example.

This One Page Optin / Website Template we have created to help You with your DoTerra or Young Living home based business.

Use this opt-in page to collect leads for Essential Oils MLM such as doTERRA or Young Living. Provide value to collect MLM leads and use email marketing to convert them.

This template provides a space to offer valuable information and education to visitors to encourage them to optin and become leads. Valued information could be something like a simple short Ebook, health befits and more.

You will want to create an email sequence that will continuously build the connection between you and your new contacts. This allows you to deliver the value mentioned on the optin page that provides insight into essential oils health properties and more.

The emails you can write will also also be a good time and opportunity to introduce DoTerra / Young Living while you tell your story and share insights.

Create and provide content such as an e-book guide,  one on one teaching or video teaching series for essential oils.

This can help to convert leads to representatives or agents of doTERRA or Young Living.
Create your own training courses using ClickFunnels (What is ClickFunnels) to provide at the “front-end”.
This means you can use it to collect leads by offering free training. This also means potentially creating content that can be purchased (which is a good way to qualify your leads for potential downline folks)

Get the DoTerra / Young Living FREE Lead Optin Website Page Template

Essential Oils MLM Template
Essential Oils MLM Opt-in Template – see preview below

So, before trying to immediately get new leads to sign up to doTERRA as a Wellness Advocate, use this to educate them and get them excited.

Have your contacts be able to book a call with you to ask any questions they may have. Another option is to offer a free introduction or training call that you can recommend a type of oil that would help improve their life.


DoTerra MLM optin template

This template includes:

  • Video Presentation Area
  • Value and Sales Copy Area
  • Bonuses Incentive Area With Call-To-Action Button
  • Testimonial, Review and Social Proof Area
  • Story / About Education Section
  • Contact Area To Interact With Leads
  • Support from Outstanding Funnels (Facebook Page)

Get Your Free Essential Oils Optin MLM Leads  Template Here!

What a lead magnet can be:

  1. E-book or PDF Guide Related To Essential Oils
  2. Video Series That Provides Training About Natural Oils and Business Opportunity
  3. Free Training Members Area Course (included feature with ClickFunnels)
  4. One On One Coaching To Grow Your Downline

Essential Oils MLM Landing Page / One Page Website
Present the lead magnet on the page (e-book, video training etc) and collect emails in the popup.

After you have your free template from above, click here to learn the strategy behind the free Essential oils template you got here today.

ClickFunnels Popup Exit Pop Training

ClickFunnels Popup & Exit Pop

How To Edit Your Optin Page Popup and Exit Pop, How It Works Or How To Fix It

Is your ClickFunnels popup giving you a head ache? Not sure how it works or what it can do?

This short walk-through video that will go over the features and details. This video training will help troubleshoot popup and exit pop issues that are common when editing pages.

Make sure to review our ClickFunnels Optin Page Not Working training and troubleshooting video before launching your paid traffic campaign. Don’t miss out on leads that should be yours!

Online Business and How To Start One (or Make Money Online)

So you’re on the internet reading about creating an online business.

Welcome to step # 1, ready to follow the “white rabbit”?

Making money in your pajamas is the dream nowadays, right?

If you want to start selling products or services you will need a few moving parts that work cohesively.

You’re likely on a budget, working full time or part time and going about the grind from the day to day. Just finding the time to fit in this article into a small window of free time.

This article will provide a list of options, starting points and blank spaces to fill out before you get started and tell you what realistic steps to take and make it happen.

Automated online business
What people think when they hear “work from home”..

What Can you offer or what do you want to provide?

Are you flowing with creativity to create art to sell online?

Open a survival / outdoor shop and sell gear and books.

Or maybe if you are looking to bundle all of your expertise and knowledge to create your own course and even start coaching.

So ask yourself…  What can I provide to improve someone else’s life or what products can I sell that bring value or enjoyment to my customers?

online business sales
The simplest idea of an online business at its core

How can I present my offers and automate as much as possible?

What sort of pages do you need to create and why?

Do you need a website,  a blog or a shop?

Consider that moment when you think to yourself “I need a website” what you really mean…

You are thinking that you need a way to present information, collect information, makes sales and deliver your product or service for your online business.

There are plenty of platforms and software to learn and research about that suit you best and are cost effective.

We’ve done some work ahead of time and want to share some free training and guidance.

Learn where to find your audience and ideal clients, provide value and convert them into customers.

If you are just getting started with your online business or looking to grow, we recommend a the website builder service ClickFunnels. Seriously, no coding, understanding how to set up or pay for hosting, drag and drop editor and much more!

We only recommend products, services or resources that we have tested used or are currently using.

Also, if you’re looking for free templates see this post for Personal Trainers and Fitness Coaching.

Looking to do online coaching or sell courses online? See the misconceptions about passive income and online cash flow and also ClickFunnels for coaches, consulting and courses.

Leave a comment below if you have any questions!

Outstanding Funnels Team

3 Automated Cash Flow Misconceptions

Passive Income and Automated Cash Flow…

The Common 3 Automated Cash Flow Oversights

Going in to new ventures can be frustrating and challenging, so we will cover 3 automated cash flow beginner oversights.

Automated Cash Flow
Welcome to the easy, Automated Cash Flow Beach!

This is a common picture nowadays. Living the beach or “laptop lifestyle” with the freedom to travel, sleep in, work from home and the list goes on.

Just setup your web page and the money will roll in… not likely!

Every day businesses are competing for ads and attention from internet surfers. This means you need to stand out from your competition and bring something unique to the Facebook newsfeed for example.

When looking to the internet to start creating extra income, most people don’t have extra cash to get started or expect that they can do it all for free or with very few dollars.

You can create a blog like this one through, totally free! YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, all free for you to create and share content and your message or services with the world.

1. It’s Easy – Anyone Can Do It! (Little / No Effort)

Starting a business online and getting started hasn’t been easier. We hear about all of the people who create new innovative opportunities, e-commerce stores, guru and coaching businesses and more all through the power of the internet.

[Kicking Back Picture]

automated cash flow easy
I put a website up – now to relax!

This doesn’t mean there wont be work behind the setup, and that’s just to get the moving parts in place!

Everything about the business and brand has to be a consistent message. Take this blog for example that talks about optin funnels, sales funnels, affiliate marketing, leads and other marketing topics.

Creating passive income online is easy in comparison to a new brick & mortar business or how businesses used to be built and funded before the internet. Before searching for investors to help get your company started, you can already be up and running for very little.

This could be a free blog, podcast or YouTube channel to start growing your audience alongside of social media engagement which results in a group of potential customers or clients.

You will need to learn a little bit of techno-lingo along the way – so be prepared to create your own glossary as you start up.

2.  No Time Cost (Upkeep)

Number 2 of the 3 automated cash flow oversights!

Now that we’ve covered the “setup” talk lets discuss the time to upkeep your passive income machine.

You’ve seen the picture of a guy / girl on a beach “kicking back” while the bucks roll in, but they wont share with you the effort it takes to fix bugs, keep content updated and relevant and speaking to customers. (Chances are you wont have a support team when you start)

3 automated cash flow passive income customer
It’s been 15 minutes and my life isn’t changed yet!

They make it look so easy as though they have all the time in the world, but anything that is worth doing takes effort.

Buying PLR or using Whitelabel products and affiliate marketing can be a good way to get started since you wont need to create the product from scratch. That means no recording videos, writing lessons and such, graphics etc.

So consider those options when getting started.


3. Quick (Quality)

3 automated cash flow passive income bootcamp training
If you aren’t reaching your goals or have a success plan, you need guidance.

You’re starting to see this wont be an overnight success, but having been researching different options and strategies you should be ready to start!

Consider an industry, or niche, that you are interested in and possibly passionate about. This will make it more manageable and relevant long term when you feel like quitting. Think about those who are just getting started and what questions or concerns they may have. Create valued content around those potential leads to be able to grow your list and monetize your online platform.

Knowing WHO is interested in the product or service and HOW it helps them or improves their life is what is important. If a business isn’t helping someone, it doesn’t have customers.

Creating value to exchange for emails is the front end of what we call a “funnel”. It’s like a website.

We want to help you get started with a free ClickFunnels website builder 14 day trial that includes free on boarding and training, a free .com domain, hosting and more bonuses and features!




ClickFunnels Live Demo Q&A Know Before You Buy!

Want an invitation to a ClickFunnels Live Demo? (Very Limited Spaces!)

Looking to ask your questions and see it in action in a ClickFunnels Live Demo? Not an automated webinar or not likely live, one hundred percent live.

This is invite to a live demo that will happens to include FREE ClickFunnels Demo & Training with no strings attached! The live webinar has very limited seats and we want to get you the inside look that isn’t being advertised out on social media and banner ads. (You will see when you get the invite)

There are so many questions about what ClickFunnels can do and if it is for you and your business. So, a ClickFunnels Live Demo will answer those questions and give you an inside look at what to expect.

This demo does require a FREE Trial Account (that can be cancelled so don’t worry and if there’s any issues they have some of the BEST support!). Affiliate Marketers, Entrepreneurs, Brick & Mortar business, Professionals and Network Marketers are all welcome!

ClickFunnels Live Demo Monkeying
“I use Blah for page editing, Blah for emails, Blah for payments and I have a programmer make it work!”


ClickFunnels has been adored by many who “duct-tape” together services and software such as Confusionsoft (Infusionsoft – which uses multiple services to provide a service to their customers) or Leadpages + some shopping cart service… See here more about personal trainer sales & membership funnels or our free digital marketing beginner training.

So many times during one on one calls do I hear how messy Infusionsoft is (or was!). Some brave souls have stuck through and learned their way around to make their business work.

Step 1. Create the 14 Day ClickFunnels Trial – includes our Free Training and Bonus Starter Funnels

Create your free trial account if you haven’t done so. Our team will email you your bonuses shortly after (from [email protected]) so keep an eye out for the on boarding email.

Step 2. Open the email invitation to the ClickFunnels Live Demo and register for the call.

There are only 8 spots per session available and only a few sessions per day. Limiting the space allows the host to answer your questions in real time to help you get the most of the introduction and live training.

That’s all there is to it!

Reach out to use if you have any questions!

Fitness Coach Funnel – Collect Emails, Sell Training & Coaching!

So you are a fitness coach in need of a fitness coach “funnel”…

Collect emails, follow up with automated emails, sell your course and upgrade your members to coaching with a fitness coach funnel.

We’ve gone ahead and created a list of important steps and things to know before taking a look at what your fitness coach funnel will look like. You may not have heard of a funnel before, but let’s call it your process.

Having a process that allows a target audience to learn more, get more value through emails, using their credit cards to get access to courses or modules and lastly apply and sign up for coaching.

What’s in it for me? – Getting the email optin!

“Why should I enter my email on this screen in front of me?” and “What is in it for me?”
Ask yourself this question when looking to get a contacts email or any information.
The exchange is required to receive information or value!

This is a quick tip, cheat sheet, life hack or small checklist that helps a potential paying customer quick results. Overcoming a problem with an easy solution or improving skill or knowledge to reach a higher goal results in building rapport and trust.

fitness coach funnel gift
Here’s 3 ways to stretch. Chiseled abs comes later!

We like people who give us gives and help us overcome obstacles – they become our friend or mentor.


Welcome, deliver and over deliver!

So you have a fitness optin page ready to go to offer information in exchange for the lead’s contact information such as an email address and maybe the first name.

Introduce yourself, welcome them to your community and build a connection.

Once free content has been consumed, hopefully followed, then the option to upgrade or unlock more is then presented. Email sequences will be used to “sell” the course offered and continue to engage your email list.

fitness coaching funnel success
Take these tips and go get clients!

Always be selling – continue to engage your list and provide value

Provide value to your audience, social media etc. You never know when someone will buy your front end product, advanced modules and resources or get one on one fitness and health coaching.

The goal of a “Fitness Coach Funnel” is to grow the lead list, create sustainable income and attract your ideal and dream clients.

This would be similar to starting an online business and marketing if you aren’t already collecting leads and making sales online.

Outstanding Funnels Team


Fastest Reader In The World – What’s In Expert Secrets Book!

Watch as the world’s fastest reader reads the new Expert Secrets Book (by Russell Brunson)

That’s right! See what is in this new free book called Expert Secrets!
(How to build a mass audience and get paid to give advice!)

Today we talk about Russell Brunson’s new book and the world’s fastest reader Howard Berg. We wanted to see what was inside of Expert Secrets and this is the way to see what is inside! What a spectacle to truly watch and enjoy this “speed read” of Expert Secrets and get a sneak peek.

Expert Secrets Book

This is unreal and unlike anything we’ve seen before. Enjoy!

Click to watch the video here to see Howard Berg read Expert Secrets in record time and share his first impression!

Our take away – learn to build a mass movement, become a leader, get paid for your knowledge and advice!

Working 9-5 And An Expert In Your Field?

Now that we have your attention lets talk about how to get paid for your expertise.

We live in a day and age where technology and abundant advantages are everywhere and creating a business that helps others improve their lives is how you can get your own freedom!

Make your calling your career,
Outstanding Funnels Team